BROKEN FABIOLA: Severed CD Tympanik Audio

BROKEN FABIOLA: Severed    CD   Tympanik Audio

I was very curious indeed to see how this album would turn out considering this is from the same stable as Karlos from the prolific ‘Manufacturer’.

Safe to say, the label this act has found its home with kinda dictates that this won’t be something in the same vein as his other works;  so then no surprise as rich IDM ambiences filter through over glitches and sub bass undercurrents, with ‘Tender Bites’ pretty much living up to its title.

‘Everlasting’ kicks things off next, with those subtle electronics taken a step further.  This track didn’t settle with me so well;  earlier glitches promised something more down the IDM pathway and all I ended up with is something nothing short of a light version of Manufacturer, which while I have no problem with musically, it just spoilt this for me a little.

In all honesty, Broken Fabiola is basically Manufacturer with all the harshness and layers stripped from its bones and there is a sense that with this project there are still a lot of questions regarding just which road Fabiola should be heading, abecoming lost and directionless more often than not.

Taking this aside however, there could be something on here that a lot of people who listen to other genres of electronic music use as a stepping stone to the more atmospheric side of the emotional electronica scene and this can only be a good thing in the long run.

A solid well put together release, but nothing special as a whole failing the essential tapping of emotional resources as much as is needed, leaving it just a tad cold.  Maybe this was the idea, and if that is the case then this by and large has been a successful endeavour.


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