CARDOPUSHER: Mutant Dub Step Vol 2 CDep Spectraliquid

CARDOPUSHER: Mutant Dub Step Vol 2 CDep Spectraliquid

This is the second in the series of Mutant Dub Step releases from the Greek label Spectraliquid label, the first being that from ‘Ebola’.

Again you know you are not in for the lengthiest of releases being that these are EP’s so you know its going to take a lot to make an impact; Essential to be honest.

For a start this has more in touch with what I would agree as termed as ‘Dub-Step’ than the previous EP and that is welcome.

‘Toothsmasher’ kicks thinks off on its merry way with lost of happy electronics, which throw you off the path before the sub bass kicks its way through.  It’s effective and practically everything you could wish for if this style of music is what you are after.  ‘Collapsible Shelter’ is truly where this boot off in fine form, beautifully layered and attention given to subtle ambiences filtering through the spasmolitic beats and off kilter blips and electronica, giving a warm homely feel to the very evident club sound system.

This is pretty essential listening if you are in to any form of dub, home grown house music and maybe even the more alternative forms of trip-hop out there.  Finished off with decent mixes from ‘Innasekt’ and ‘Pacheko’ again this only fails in the fact that it’s a rather short release; Fun though none-the-less.


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