SONNE HAGAL: Jordansfrost CD Luftschutz/Tesco Distribution

SONNE HAGAL: Jordansfrost  CD   Luftschutz/Tesco Distribution

For the first couple of numbers Sonne Hagal plod along like most of the Neo-Folk artists that saunter around this genre and don’t immediately produce anything that stands out. Luckily from track three and most definitely track four ‘Das Letze Lied’ this German squad really come into their own, with gentle guitars, subtle horns and evocative vocals beautifully invoking an element of peace. ‘Jordansfrost’ crawls under your skin from here on in.  Subject matter is the same as always within this scene, a heavy sullen pagan bliss, that is pleasantly soothing with its earthly realism and simplistic music that is welcome and heart warming. Expertly aided by the likes of ‘Of The Wand and The Moon’, ‘Waldteufel’, ‘Darkwood’ and ‘In a Gowan Ring’ amongst others, it’s not going to take much to imagine just how this sounds in its entirety.  What you do have is a fantastic release that flows wonderfully from track to track invoking a deep forest spirit; a joyous appraisal of everything good that this style of music can achieve when hearts and minds have come together to make a real effort. It’s been a fair while since I sat down and listened to a good dose of Neo-Folk and Sonne Hagal has got me in the mood again. It’s the sense of past times, olde worlde carnival spirits and dark elfish masquerades that have been long lost in history.  A glorious approach that has been sorely lacking lately and one that old masters of the ranks should sit and take note of; thoroughly enjoyable, packaged solidly in three dimensional digi-pack, with glorious artwork. 8.5/10


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