CONTRASTATE: A Live Coal Under The Ashes CD Tesco Organisation

CONTRASTATE: A Live Coal Under The Ashes  CD  Tesco Organisation

A peculiar start with tribal smatterings of drums, deep resonating black drones broken up with light orchestral patches, attention halting splatters and further sparse drones, pulling on rather obscure nightmarish elements.  Contrastate surprisingly draw on a hell of a lot of quietness that just rarely breaks up into beats that dissolve no sooner than they start.

After an interesting if not completely inspiring start its time for this trio to get down to business and actually show us what they are made of.  Pleasant film like ambience sets this off with low-end straight vocal lines gathering the backdrop together and you begin to believe this album may actually be going somewhere, especially when the ambience is allowed to build dramatically onward.

Its a little hard to pigeon hole this lot and that’s where their appeal lies for me.  There is a deep sense of ritualism within their folds, but it’s not as obvious as you might expect;  another plus point being that they simply do not remind me of anyone else, no matter how hard I try to fathom it out.

There is an odd sense of mania whilst listening to ‘A Live Coal…’ strange whistling, off key guitar strings and trance like paranoia.  I can’t help but applaud them for pulling something off that simply shouldn’t work on paper.  The use of vocals, although male in origin are used much in the same way, as say Diamanda Gallas probably would with  full on croaking used as a backdrop.  Even if this isn’t your cup of tea it doesn’t take much to grasp just how much thought has gone into this.

Completely out there…somewhere, but relevant; refreshingly original, scoring highly on sheer thought process and effort alone.


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