6COMM: The Fruits Of Yggdrasil CD Hau Ruk!/Tesco Distribution

6COMM: The Fruits Of Yggdrasil     CD  Hau Ruk!/Tesco Distribution

If you can pronounce the title of this album you are a better man than me I guess, but it’s as bizarre as I expected considering this is from the pen of Patrick Leagas.

A purely Pagan affair no less, Yggdrasil happens to be a cosmic Ash tree born as the steed of Odin and its fruit were the runes of life or so it would appear.  So there you have it.

I pretty much knew this would be stark raving bonkers before even hitting play and lo behold I wasn’t incorrect in my assumptions either.  Vocal elements come from the lungs of Freya Aswynn who wails like a demented alley cat for pretty much all of track one and it’s obviously not intentional, but I pretty much laughed my head off for the majority of this number and couldn’t take it as serious as this duo so obviously wanted the listener to do.

After the rather in your face tribalism of track one, track number two ‘Voluspa’ was a more ambient affair with a light narration that again is purely religious from start to finish;  as much as I like the whole Pagan historical aspect to the music, this just started to get a little too much to live with.

Lets get this straight, when I listen to a CD it’s because I like songs and try as I might to scour this album for one, it is all but barren of anything to really listen to.  If you like ritual incantations and whatnot then this might just be for you, but as intriguing as this may be I just haven’t the heart to really take this on board and it all becomes a little pretentious rather than drive home what they are so intentionally trying to convey.

Beautifully packaged in a stunning eight-panel digi-pak this promised much more than is ultimately delivered; out and out cheesy nutcase madness that just left me baffled.



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