THIS MORN’ OMINA: Inferno CD Spectre

THIS MORN’ OMINA: Inferno CD Spectre

Belgium’s finest are an odd bunch.  Releasing some of the most influential dance floor related distorted beat and whatnot, slaying club goers left right and centre with hits such as ‘One Eyed Man’, they always trundle off back to their underground holes to feed their Dark Ambient demons now and again.  I have a lot of respect for artists who release what they want rather than pander to a more financially lucrative audience.

‘Inferno’ is a three-track affair, mightily long tracks mind so don’t be disillusioned into thinking this is anything less than a full length release.  Rather than heading down the pathway to hell as I imagined, this is a rather lighter affair than I first envisaged it being and has a very subtle psychedelic overtone to some of the airy synth management early on in the mix bringing in familiar tribalism’s on the beat front later on; fans of TMO of course will be more than aware of what I am relating to here, and this does pander to the occult following Industrial crowd a little more.

Lets not forget of course that I mentioned Dark Ambient earlier on, of which this release is in abundance.  Necessary cavernous spaces are interrupted occasionally with glitches and areas of noise so that the spatial surroundings are not left too empty for the listener, and moods change at will.

Rather than the title would suggest, this is not the blazing hot hellish barrage of noise that you could be led to believe; it is in fact an almost cold journey such is the sparse barren landscape they are portraying and the menacing background samples only convey that feeling more as wave upon wave of isolation slowly wash over you whilst pondering your own momentary losses.



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