KRAKEN: Nachtschade CD/DVD Spectre

KRAKEN: Nachtschade CD/DVD Spectre

Christ are these guys prolific or what?  Two aquatic themed albums for the Spectre sub-label ‘Nautilus’ and the deeply disturbing trilogy on the main label itself and now we have this double CD and DVD album to boot!

Spoken word is taken to a new level here; normally for me this does not work at all, but with Kraken they seriously know what they are playing at.

Dark, brooding menacing ambience is rich with off kilter piano and drifting levels of sound that again are dredged from the very gutters of society.  This duo has an intensity about them that delves in the darkest areas of noir cinematic disturbance, and you can’t help feel that there is something clinically wrong somewhere in their quite frankly, messed up heads.

No matter, because whatever this lot are on they do it better than most.  Here is the first lesson in ambient music, as it’s meant to be constructed.  It’s a rarity that albums such as this come off on top, especially when it’s so stark raving mad as well (the spoken word will attest to this alone).

The best is yet to come however.  The DVD part of this album is a release in itself, consisting of an albums worth of music with various footage from around the world, a lot of this being personally shot.  Eloquently edited together this is a beautiful selection of works, each visually setting the tone and working in harmony with the music set to each particular piece.  Both modern and classic in its approach this just adds to Nachtschade as a whole and is worth your pocket money alone.

Out and out if you are going to go out and buy a Dark Ambient album, then this pretty much tops them all.  Over an hours worth of music and a wonderfully put together DVD and excellently packaged as well; this pretty much raises the bar for acts who loiter in similar genre circles.  It will take some topping.



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