HYSTERESIS: Will + Representation CD Spectre

HYSTERESIS: Will + Representation CD Spectre

Blimey this was a daunting album to review.  I have never in my life heard something chop and change so much that it becomes near impossible to keep up; its obvious within the first few tracks that Hysteresis change their style as much as some people change their socks.

‘Atomic Tendencies’ kick-starts everything with an underlying metal guitar structure that toys with Industrial beats at a whim with some of the most bizarre rising electronics I have heard, so much so they are on the verge of disturbing and not far off this side of a panic attack.  How do you follow that up?  Let me enlighten you; Hardcore Punk Grindcore, that’s what; only mixed in with glitch and massive blistering Rock-come-Gabba-come…oh I don’t know its completely indescribable, seriously.

One of the major ‘one up’s’ about this album is the fantastic use of original samples. Nowadays its easy to slot in a random vocal line you pilfered from some ‘B’ movie when you don’t know what to do artistically, yet Hysteresis make them fundamental to the core of the tracks they use them on, a necessary evil if you will that carry the music rather than filling it out.

If you decide at some point to pick up ‘Will + Representation’ (and I can’t stress enough that you do) it would be safe to say that you are going to be pretty flummoxed by it all upon initial listening; it isn’t every day that you hear Reggae and blistering Techno Breakcore mixed by some of the sounds of your worst nightmares all in one track, yet still working seamlessly leaving you only to question yourself as to what it is you can’t help but love about such an album.

Love this however, I do.  It’s about time someone out there released challenging material that still has the ability to endear you and is as daring as nailing your nuts to a table.  Quite simply put, this is unadulterated madness from start to finish, and a necessary injection of happiness and originality in these all too dreary times, musically speaking.



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