XOTOX: In Den Zehn Morgen CD Pro-Noize/Dark Dimensions

XOTOX: In Den Zehn Morgen   CD  Pro-Noize/Dark Dimensions

One of those long term busy scenesters in the Distorted Beat community, Xotox have risen through the ranks in the last few years crossing the bridge between your standard club going crowd and the rhythmic scene tearing audiences apart with their sometimes sparse, sometimes energetic mixture of electronics and beats throwing in the odd experimentation for good measure.

In Den Zehn Morgen is not the blasting monster I expected from the offset; it’s more of a slow boiling pot of electronics and beats that hook into you gradually teasing you to bite and hauling in their catch when you have settled in for the ride, with the likes of track four ‘Winterblut 2’ taking you down Andrea’s David’s familiar bludgeoning pathway, to clout you round the chops just when it is most vital.

IDZM is a welcoming listen, the last affair by Andreas  being a slightly less rewarding release in the form of [PSI].  I simply love the bravery of attempting to cross all new shores with tracks such as ‘Czarny Las’ with its almost Haus Arafna hypnotic simple approach.  It’s impressive and engaging and is followed up with a reminder of Xotox’s love for machine gun type structures casually eased along with subtle electronics.

With this new album Davids has brought to his audience a genuinely engaging and varied release that should satisfy his fans and new comers alike with a simple warm mass appeal.


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