TOTAKEKE: Forgotten on the Other Side of the Tracks CD Tympanik Audio

TOTAKEKE: Forgotten on the Other Side of the Tracks  CD  Tympanik Audio

There’s a hell of a lot happening on the Totakeke front.  Two albums in, one of which released earlier this year, on his new home at the now fully established Tympanik Audio and we have this release out now to warm us up for the next album due early 2009.

FOTOSOTT is a collection of out-takes and unused material from the ‘Elekatota’ album, along with some remixes from Pandora’s Black Book, Lucidstatic and Brooklyn’s Terrorfakt.  Immediately you could question the validity of such a release, but there is a lot of demand for Totakeke and with Frank Mokros seeming to all but abandon his former project ‘Synth-Etik’, you can’t fault this album being a relevant stop-gap for those hungry for another fix.

As always, Totakeke drives home his electronics in a pulsating cinematic show-reel.  This is movement in its purest dramatic form, sliding and bleeping along a wave of heartbeat paced rhythms that suck the listener in and drag them along its many twisting night shod highways.

Always engaging, never dull and lifeless, Mokros once again demonstrates why he is surely a force to be reckoned with in electronic circles, this beingthe perfect way to exorcise all those devils that still remain from the original album this was originally spawned from.


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