FRACTIONAL: Come Mierda CD Brume Records

FRACTIONAL:  Come Mierda  CD  Brume

Subtle electronica with low end breaks kick off this extraordinary release.  Its skittish, it’s frenetic, but does not overstate itself in its initial onslaught.  There is an element of Richard D. James in this but it’s very slight and consistently keeps you on your toes as opposed to bludgeoning you to death.

Curious and more curious this album slows for track two with some very early Aphex Twin-isms and you really come to terms quite quickly here with what Fractional are trying to convey.  There really are some conflicting forces at work on ‘Come Mierda’; some of the fluid IDM tendencies are bordering on cheese factor ten, but strangely enough are allowed to come into their own and are carried along with beautifully programmed breaks; Wonderful.

What attracts me to Fractional is their ability to do whatever they want to. Dark Ambient and other opposing forces like trip-hop are thrown at will into the foray at the most unexpected of moments, and it’s this wild abandon that really sets this release apart, such is its lack of convention.

As far as pure electronica goes this is pretty high on my list of ‘must have’ albums for any self respecting music fan.  Eclectic, accessible, enjoyable, moody, clever; Essential listening.


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