CENTROZOON: Lovefield CD Unsung Records

CENTROZOON: Lovefield CD Unsung Records

For those not in the know, Germany’s Centrozoon are first and foremost a progressive electronic act.  This album is their transition onto a more minimal level with an infinitesimal quality to every minor detail. Guitar and synth are improvised here and a greater emphasis on an altogether unplugged feel to the album as a whole.

Lovefield is Centrozoon’s attempt at creating an aural painting to challenge the imagination, attempting to visualise accompany the works of David Lynch. There’s always a danger when attempting such works; the matter of overstepping the mark and looking pretentious is usually the result and to be fair, I am usually one of the detractors.

Lovefield however, has a fair range to play with;  it’s subtle, filling out the background to silence when relaxing at home, interesting and above all involving.  An intriguing experimental act, if nothing altogether amazing.


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