100BLUMEN: Floral Annihilation CD Ant-Zen

100BLUMEN: Floral Annihilation CD Ant-Zen

Blimey this hurts my eyes!  Retina bleeding covers alongside death by dandelions and daisy chains.  Cool.

For all its less than serious posturing I was quite surprised to find that the humour (unless it’s serious?!) doesn’t translate along with the LSD tripped out petal madness and light hearted track titles into the songs themselves.

There is a simple formula to 100Blumen, gritty ambience and distorted beat-come powernoise and it would be a lie if I said there was anything more to it than that as a whole.  However, whilst not being the most original thing I have heard this does have the odd surprise once you get past the opening numbers, with some childlike playing around on piano and whatnot in the form of ‘Grassroot Symphony’, which had the balls to be outright original with its almost infantile ‘look for the Ritalin this child’s out of control’ mannerisms.  I like quirky, especially when it’s a surprise.

There is something decidedly old school in the simplicity, monotony (not meant in a bad sense) and straight to the beat before you have time to pause, that as lacking in the overall challenging stakes as it is, works.

Mildly put, I know this act is popular and I can see why.  It’s simple, it feeds the die-hard Ant-Zen throng whilst still having that mass appeal for the kids on the floor and that is no mean feat in itself.


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