TAPAGE: The Institute of Random Events CD Tympanik Audio

TAPAGE: The Institute of Random Events CD Tympanik Audio

Curious and more curious, ‘The Institute of Random Events’ is a serious oddity.    Opener ‘Black Tape’ sets the proceedings going with what is generally a quiet affair from this act from the Netherlands.  If I am to be honest this opening number was a little bit of a damp squib that didn’t appear to go anywhere, but I bedded myself down in the knowledge that albums within this field usually take a while to fire up.

Correct in my assumptions everything that can stir,  starts to move with ‘Lockswitch’ and the beats have a drifting sense of purpose as the album sets off on its cavernous journey into the unknown.

There is a real sense of the mysterious with this release, it is a genuinely different approach from what I am used to; with less focus on actual tunes and more emphasis on tones and breathing harmonics that fold over each other in ambient swirls that are carried up within rhythmical IDM patterns.

It is a cold a sparse album that will leave some people without feeling, while some will let themselves be taken along for a ride that surely has to be reminiscent of some sort of lucid coma.  This is not a bad thing, it’s just merely a different perspective on how tracks should be written and for me it works.  Imagine a darker, colder, rigid heroin driven sickly version of Alice through the looking glass bedding down in treacle and you would probably be pretty close.  It’s just plum strange.

Like I said this release isn’t one for the masses, you will love it, loathe it, or just be blank upon listening.  I mainly fit in the first category, when the feeling takes me and that’s the key, you simply have to be in the mood.



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