INTEGRAL: Rise CD Tympanik Audio

INTEGRAL: Rise CD Tympanik Audio

Germany’s ‘Integral’ are a new entity to me and a pleasing one that suit my pallet no end.  On first listen, you notice their fondness for different aesthetics that immediately infuse a different approach to how they want to be viewed as artists.  Visually stunning artwork is usually a sure sign for me that you are going to get something quality and in this case it’s the correct signal.

IDM is a terminology that seems all too casually thrown around nowadays as people seem more desperate to have a tag to bond with.  However, with ‘Rise’, the genre labelling is somewhat apt, albeit on a slightly darker scale.

Complex subtle electronics are suitably complimented with broad, far-reaching and well thought out beat structures, that meld mood, flow with passion and  ease, making this a comfortable, yet peculiar listen.

What is blatantly evident is the range of talent on show here; the production is rich and rewarding and gives the listener the space to take in each individual track on its own merit, whilst assisting with a full spatial awareness, that drives the album as one complete being that can be taken in as one sitting.  Clever.

Complex yet accessible, eclectic but with something for most electronic fans, ‘Rise’ is nothing short of quality from start to finish.  Most definitely it is for the more patient of you out there, but when you give it the platform it deserves, the rewards are great.


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