ENDIF: Carbon CD Tympanik Audio

ENDIF: Carbon CD Tympanik Audio

Proper album number two from Mr Jason Hollis.  It’s been two years since the release of ‘Meta’, an interesting romp that flaunted with rhythmical noise and IDM structures; a release that was as good as it could be frustrating at times and I never felt that Hollis was fully capitalising on the areas that make him shine.

Cue ‘Carbon’; an interesting and enjoyable CD that comfortably lets Jason toy with the styles that suit him down to the ground.  Hitting the dance-floor seems to be main focus with hard repeating plastic beats that mainly lean towards the synthetic, rather than organic.  It’s a heart warming combination and strips the album of brutality without losing any energy and this is solidly where the focus lies structure wise.

Carbon is a familiar release;  the structures and use of ambience folding in amongst the beats reminds me a hell of a lot of club terrorist Iszoloscope; not stating that it sounds exactly the same…think of similar tracks played with different VST’s that are slightly warmer in feeling and you will get the general idea.

The beauty of Hollis’ new album is its ‘pick up and play’ approach.  It’s immediately accessible, instantly enjoyable and chooses to befriend you rather than bludgeon you or baffle you with ridiculous complexities.  Think of a distorted beat artist that can actually have a wider appeal and Endif now slots into that territory with ease.


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