LUCIDSTATIC: Gravedigger CD Tympanik Audio

LUCIDSTATIC: Gravedigger CD Tympanik Audio

It’s always a case of going out on a punt when a new act comes along that you know little or nothing about.  Personally I already had a lot of insight into this artist and was fairly sure what to expect, but I am sure the Alaskan Lucidstatic is fairly unknown to the majority of you out there.  This, I assure you will change sooner rather than later,  if this debut is anything to go by.

Starting with the ferocious ‘Blackout’ the tone is set for a rollercoaster ride of blistering breakcore, smatterings of rhythmic noise and a dash of insanity.  Gravedigger is a challenging affair and in all fairness you won’t be putting this on to relax to on a Sunday afternoon.  This firmly fits into the ‘getting in the mood for going out’ or ‘we have just been out and are back here to fuck this place up’ mode; so definitely no relaxing moments or ballads on show here.

Gravedigger certainly is up on the value for money stakes too with seventeen numbers on here to choose from.  Admittedly these are not the longest tracks in the world, but in practise it all works just fine.

As with most debuts there are always lessons to be learned and this is no exception.  Mid flow through the album there is a tendency for Gravedigger to overstate itself and bog down a little too much; this is mainly in the production department where it just becomes too much to make any sense of and I don’t believe it’s intentional either.  With a little more clarity this area of the album would have sounded more chaotic, where as it just sounds a little muddy.

That said, this is the only blip in what I feel is a solid, fun and extremely enjoyable, jugular throttling debut album.  I am looking forward to future adventures;  Lucidstatic is one to watch.


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