SUBHEIM: Approach CD Tympanik Audio

SUBHEIM: Approach CD Tympanik Audio

Once in a while something full of promise comes along.  It’s not often a debut album can literally grab my attention by the throat and refuse to let go of its stronghold.

Subheim, is the project of Greek composer Kostas K and it’s also not often we see music of this ilk from the sunny shores that brought us Alexander the Great and the mighty Zeus.  It’s also  possible that in a musical sense at least, we could have the makings of another future legend here if he carries on like this.

Approach is a deeply evocative and immersive exploration of ambience, IDM, subtle electronica and post rock that occasionally flirts with shoe gazing; it’s wonderfully down tempo  mood music for the more nocturnal of us out there.  I hate to make comparisons to other artists, but there is a wave of early Bitcrush in there as styles go; this however has been done in Subheim’s own format and makes it uniquely refreshing as opposed to going down the ‘must sound like this’ route that many artists seem to meander along with.

Solitary abstract moments are vast throughout this opus, sitting neatly with cavernous desolation.  The key structure being that Kostas just captures you before you fall.  This is a far from a depressing release and one that more toys with the aspects of longing and gives you that all essential heart massage when it aches. An essential purchase right now;  fulfilling and engaging.



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