AD.VER.SARY: Bone Music CD Tympanik Audio

AD.VER.SARY: Bone Music CD Tympanik Audio

Patient Canadian Jairus Kkan has finally found an outlet for his music and about time too.  Bone Music is a cracking blend of Industrial distorted beat, splattered with flashes of orchestral and soundtrack structures.

What first hits you is just how organic this album sounds.  This is all helped along of course by the mastering work of Iszoloscope’s Yann Faussurier and with some of the rhythmical patterns dished out you could be forgiven for sometimes being reminded of his fellow Canadian.  That can be no bad thing though and is also a credible endorsement.

What I really liked with this release is the simplicity in approach.  Jairus manages to hold his own with the distorted beat crowd, yet still can produce some decent cinematic crushing soundscapes to boot.  It’s not rocket science, it’s not over technical, it just works and Ad.ver.sary should find its home in any club or your front living room when you need to relax, as well as when you hit the dancefloor.

Only a couple of niggles; more personal tastes than anything else.  I don’t like the samples taken from ‘The Prisoner’ as these have been over used and a bonus track is never a bonus track if there isn’t another format to go by;  but these are minor gripes and pale away when you listen to the album in its full glory.

A sincere, fun and sold debut.  Lets not wait so long the next one please Mr Khan.


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