V/A: KONKRETE CD Spectraliquid

V/A: KONKRETE CD Spectraliquid

This is a nifty compilation from brand new Greek label Spectraliquid. It makes a refreshing change to have the majority of an album comprising of basic unknowns and still be of top notch quality standard. Spectraliquid pretty much have stamped where they are at from the off.  Deep resonating industrial sound-scapes that ping-pong from all out industrial to the fringe of IDM circles.  It’s an effective compelling mix that whilst we have all heard before, already displays a deep rooted grasp of what is actually worth a listen, never wandering off into anything catastrophic or aurally defective.


There is a line of course between the unknowns and the masters at their game.  The best tracks on the album predictably coming from the ever reliable and pleasing ‘Detritus’ and ‘Ah-Cama Sotz’. This is followed closely by a nice surprise in the guise of ‘Throttler & Track Killer’ who utilise the harsher edge of cinematic industrial that smashes into a wall of thumping breaks and is effective as a lump hammer.  Class.

All in all for a first release this lot really got their heads together, and it shows.  It reeks of quality and a good grasp of what is relevant, packaged simply and beautifully and I really hope they do not stray from this aesthetic.

Konkrete is produced in limited numbers, buy now or regret it later.


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