V/A: One Five Zero 2xCD n5MD

V/A: One Five Zero 2xCD n5MD

Yet again n5md produce the goods.  Two CD’s of genre specific IDM and electronica as you would expect from this stable.

Quality as always is paramount to this release as it is to the majority on the label.  Opener ‘Near The Parenthesis’ is immediately overshadowed by the now Hymen Records clad ‘Keef Baker’ who started out here.  His track ‘Never’ is what you will all have come to expect, know and love from this artist, never failing to give you sounds that are organic in nature, filtered through electronic beauty.

‘Lights Of Asia’ produce one of the most stand out tracks on the album, superb in every way, awash with synths, guitar and atmosphere, this comes across as one of the most organic tracks on the album and unbelievably reminds me of ‘Anathema’.  Therefore, along with Keef they have more identity and something you can hold on to amongst most of these artists.

The danger with such a compilation is that a lot of the songs do sound pretty similar, and to the first time listener it could be a little too much to swallow in one sitting.

For me however, this is a great release with a lot to offer from a lot of artists on this quality label.  If you are new to n5md you couldn’t go far wrong picking this one up. Prepare for some soul searching and food for your emotions if you do.


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