DJ HIDDEN: The Later After CD Ad Noiseam

DJ HIDDEN: The Later After CD Ad Noiseam

The alter ego of Dutch maestro Noël Wessels, DJ Hidden has been spinning the boards for some time now before this debut full length CD.  Like the soundtrack to urban decay, with nightmarish consequences, DJ Hidden has that nack of letting all of his subtleties do the work for him.

Systematically gentle in his approach with his background work, with subtle drones, pads and sub bass frequencies, he proceeds to punish the listener with multi-layered drums, executed with machine gun precision.

It’s this ‘timed to perfection’ approach that simply makes this one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time.  There could be an argument that sometimes things needn’t follow what you expect, and that a few surprises wouldn’t go a miss.  Not so with ‘The Later After’.  Everything you want and expect is driven in with such technical proficiency that it leaves no space for argument, no stone unturned.  It punishes, enthralls and leaves you hungry for more.

Harsh and gentle where it needs to be, TLA has every element you expect in an album, and a little more to boot.  Blows away the better works of ‘Panacea’ for me, and just misses out on top marks, because I abhor the idea of secret tracks.  Still… that’s pretty good as well.



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