BAIN WOLFKIND: Wasteland CDep Hau Ruk!/Tesco Distribution

BAIN WOLFKIND: Wasteland CDep Hau Ruk!/Tesco Distribution

There is an underlying decadence to the works of Bain Wolfkind.  Like some bastard son of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, Wolfkind drawls and ponders life draped in a wall of black, like some paladin amongst a sea of Film Noir.

Yes this does have some sort of dark romanticism, and it’s clearly the image Bain is trying to portray.  With such fancies however, you really have to have the goods to pull it off perfectly and here unfortunately this is where he just falls short.

The music itself is fairly decent; a blend of guitar, organ, tambourine and such like mixed with his vocals.  It’s a simple cocktail and is characterised by an underlying carnal essence.  This sounds great admittedly, but it all feels a little forced as a whole and it’s not just the songs themselves.

I just can’t help feeling that in every aspect BW is trying too hard to match his contemporaries and be that aging, cool, cigarette smoking, stubble sporting, black clad hero that you see in cop films, that drinks too much whisky and doesn’t get on with his boss, looks down and out, but always gets the pretty girl and she still pretends she hates him.

Yeah I am sounding a little cruel and it aint all bad.  This just doesn’t have any real substance that’s all.  Maybe this will work on a full album and not this rather limited content EP.



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