KRAKEN: Drift CD Spectre

KRAKEN: Drift CD Spectre

Drift is the final chapter in a trilogy of releases on the Spectre label from this water obsessed Belgian act.

What Kraken bring to the table is a rich healthy dose of electronic-analogue ambient and I have been consistently impressed with their releases on Spectre and sub-label Nautilus, which has always devoted itself to all things wet.

There has always been something with Kraken that drifts (for want of a better word) between retro and the contemporary.  Oozing along like an old horror flick that has been given a dust-down and polished, ‘Drift’ manages to engage the listener with an intensity and magic all of its own.

Ominously brooding and inky black from the off, you know this release is going to be as unsettling as it is engaging.  Rich in atmosphere, layered superbly, you can feel your worst nightmares gradually catch up with you as you fall.  This just happens to match everything this lot have done previously, which is impressive in itself that they manage this consistently and is a marvellous slab of Noir Dark Ambient done by consummate professionals.

For those that haven’t heard Kraken yet its highly recommended that you pick up the other two parts of this trilogy, ‘Amore’ and ‘Chagrin’ along with this release and witness the behemoth that is named after the legendary sea monster of old for yourselves.


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