THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE: As It Is? 2×3”CD Spectre

THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE: As It Is? 2×3”CD Spectre 

The first thing that hits you when you pick up this release will be the outstanding packaging.  Set within a just smaller than 7” embossed sleeve lay two 3 inch CD’s.  It’s a bizarre way to expose an album, but nonetheless not entirely surprising when you consider the imagination of the man behind the project.

Bauke Van Der Val is a prolific artist within experimental circles.  To view Law-Rah’s works as Dark Ambient would be a farcical trip into lazy journalism, and one route I refuse to venture toward.

On with the music, there is a fundamental sincerity behind the cold resonating drones and soaring vibrations, which let themselves spill over as well as applying restriction where necessary under a state of duress.

The only shortcomings I can think of whilst listening to this release is the format itself.  Not the idea, because that is fantastic.  But for one constant listen it can be a pain switching over the discs, whereas I like to soak up the atmosphere and take a trip on Bauke’s immersive journeys.  In this instance and for only this reason, do albums such as his last outing ‘Drones For Drella’ beat this as an outright album, but only just.

‘As it is…’ is a wonderful item for the collector in you, and is something any self respecting ambient or drone fan should indulge in.  Essential.


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