SKINCAGE: Things Fall Apart CD Spectre

SKINCAGE: Things Fall Apart CD Spectre

Its been six years since Jon Ray’s debut release.  It’s when things take this long that you know they had better be good.  There can be no half measures, no corners can be cut.  So, is Skincage as sharp as it should be?  This depends on what you want to cut.

The main beast of the album is formulated with home made and broken instruments, which is quite fitting with the destructive and repressive nature that this second album claws at.

Things fall apart is the sound of pure machinery in motion, it’s visceral, it’s raw, it is ground in rich swathing ambience and industrial in its purest form.  Organic would be a better description.

The only down side to Skincage is that he is sometimes as engaging as also instantly forgettable.  Things Fall Apart is as immersive as much as it can be counter absorbing.  It’s this push me/pull me element that might actually be the point to a lot of the album.  This could be just where Ray has got over engrossed in his activities and forgot to take a step back, relying too much on the promise of a listener actually having to pay way more attention than should be needed.

However, this second outing is also richly rewarding when given the chance. Noisy, and desolate in equal parts, downright brutal and spacious in equal measure.



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