DESIDERII MARGINIS: Seven Sorrows CD Cold Meat Industry

DESIDERII MARGINIS: Seven Sorrows CD Cold Meat Industry

DM have always been a fantastic proposition and  ‘Seven Sorrows’ is by no mean feat, utter quality.  I love ambient and all its offshoots and J Levin, the man behind the project, has really outshone himself here.

The glorious opener ‘Constant Like The Northern Star’ plays on the dream like quality that Marginis has and adds to the almost medieval influence that surrounds it, with guitar (I think its guitar) lines that just capture your heart and set you off on your journey.

There is more to DM than most other artists in this genre; an almost film soundtrack quality shrouds the entirety of this disc and you get the feeling that Levin’s work is held without boundaries; neither playing or pandering to a scene that expects its artists to perform in a certain manner.

I don’t want to draw comparisons to other artists, even though there will be similarities with many as that would be unfair; however, it would also be unfair to see this is on CMI and come to your own conclusions based on that.

Seven Sorrows is music to a movie not yet penned and most likely never will be.  In some respects it is the soundtrack that somehow fits momentarily with the lives, some of us unfortunately lead.


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