V/A:Emerging Organisms 2xCD Tympanik Audio

V/A:Emerging Organisms 2xCD Tympanik Audio

Tympanik are slowly ‘emerging’ (groan) as a label which are evolving into a monster with a decent roster in electronic underground circles.

Simplistic, but aesthetically pleasing in its dual CD packaging, Emerging Organisms gives us 29 tracks from some artists we know, and some lesser acts which are undeniably going to make themselves a name.  Scene long term faces such as Displacer and Architect sit comfortable alongside such acts as Lucidstatic and Freeze Etch giving balance and harmony of older acts that built foundations for the scene, to shelter the young ones as they flower.

Diversity is also a key factor in this compilation being a winner from the word go.  Tympanik have dragged reference from all corners of the electronic scene, from Dark Ambient right through to IDM, which as a scene has floundered of late producing wave after wave of copycats.  Luckily this young label seem to have an ear for what works and its refreshing to be able to listen to an entire compilation without feeling the need to skip past anything.

Valid and relevant Tympanik have also pulled on some exclusives such as mixes of artists rather than just take straight album tracks which can sometimes steer you away from compilation CD’s making this a valid collectors release that could and should grab the electronic enthusiast and make them a label ‘fan’ as opposed to be just a casual observer picking and choosing select artistes to purchase in the years ahead.  This mature approach should set them up as a future driving force, and promises them longevity as a label.  Tympanik have stepped onto the world stage with gusto.  I welcome them with open arms and ears.



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