V/A:Riyaz Master CD Thisco

V/A:Riyaz Master CD  Thisco

Sub titled ‘Future Comparative Ethnic Research’, I will be honest, I haven’t got a bloody clue as to the reason behind this compilation. Either way, this is an exciting, minimalist listen.  A wide variety of styles are all encompassed within this album from jazzier elements, to shoegazer, to dub, to subliminal electronica and the outer reaches of IDM.  Mainly this compilation is from a bunch of artists I haven’t heard of apart from the aforementioned Mimetic and C-drik.  However, each hold their own, and even though this is an audibly sparse CD, it engages the listener, being perfect background music, or for playing in your car stereo on a late summer nights drive.  This is part 001 in what looks like to be a series of releases in this fashion.  Count me in for number 002.


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