EDGEY vs DEPTH ERROR:The Abuse Technique CD Hive Records

EDGEY vs DEPTH ERROR:The Abuse Technique CD Hive Records

Seven tracks each, intermingled in conflict and collaboration, Edgey and Depth Error are here to give you a ride through psychosis.  This is an entertaining and disturbing journey that just like a roller-coaster makes you feel at ease one minute, only to throw you around the next.

Drum n’ bass features heavily I the mix which is no surprise whatsoever to me considering Edgey’s past output.  Having not heard of Depth Error it was nice to see he is more than a match for his cohort in every single way.

There isn’t really much to separate them in style though, and that’s my only real complaint as there isn’t any real variation;  it’s straight D n’ B breaks with flows of twisting ambience and noise for good measure.  A ‘made to win’ formula however that should please many a dance floor no matter which track is chosen.

For that alone its certainly a credible release.  I would have liked to have seen a collaboration between two entirely different artists however.  Entertaining, but lacking a little on validity stakes if you want something truly different.


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