AND UTERO DOMINAE:Bleeding Machines CDep Self released

AND UTERO DOMINAE:Bleeding Machines CDep Self released

Fresh, new (not ‘nu’) metal output from this US duo consisting of one Sam Geiger (nice name) and Justin Brink (of Pneumatic Detach fame).  An interesting EP, but not one that immediately grabs you unfortunately. When I listen to metal I want it to make me clench my fist, get in the mood for going out and having a tussle, maybe cause a riot.  Bleeding Machines does none of these.

Okay I am being a little harsh.  Dominae do have some interesting ideas, some generous hooks and some sense of what they want to achieve.  However, they don’t capitalise on these elements, the production is lacking, the power is dampened and it does all sound a little like a bands first demo.  The double bass does remind me of the production we expected from Scott Burns when he worked on every man and his dog from the Floridian death metal scene in the early nineties, especially so with the title track.  The trademark clicks may have worked then, but not here.  The necessary punch is missing, and this is a big downside to the CD considering just how brutal Justin is on his own releases with the mighty Pneumatic Detach, something he is famed for actually.

The want of good choruses has been abandoned here as well and they could have lifted the songs into something more special and involving, something to scream along to.  All is not all lost though.  Final track ‘The Inverted’ does have strains of something worth grabbing hold of with help of Steve Austin of famed ‘ Today is the Day’ doubling up the vocals and giving this pair the edge they so need.  A curious opener to a band that could evolve into something great with a little more attention to detail.  Lets see what the album brings.


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